Life Lessons from the ‘Boro Bachas’

I have a bunch of ‘cousins’ (aka Boro Bachas¹) whom I’m pretty close to and despite the huge age differences (as much as a decade even), I love hanging out with them. I’ve known them since they were horrid little babies :) and spent many a good weekend baby-sitting them – until very recently. Now however, most of them have moved away and it’ll probably be a while since we all get the chance to meet up. Nonetheless, I’m glad to say we’ve managed to keep in touch (thanks to the marvels of modern day technology) and have a vague idea of what’s going on in each others lives.

Now, I’m sure most of you will agree that hanging out with ‘kids’ can be enlightening in many ways. You pick up their funny lingo (“That’s the shizz, yo!”), get to listen to some ‘interesting’ music (Lil Wayne anyone?), and watch movies you’d never thought you’d watch – in the theatre (Hello, Don 2)!! So while my friends wonder in amusement what joy I possibly get from spending so much time with them, I kick back and let myself be entertained ;)

Here are a bunch of things that I learnt from my wonderfully awesome ‘cousins’:

* The importance of repeating everything twice. “Dude, dude, check this out.” – or – “Listen, listen.” – or – “This Arjun, Arjun…” — Now, I don’t know why this is important (there’s probably some secret, unspoken code). But it is. You HAVE to repeat everything twice.

* Boardgames are awesome. How many evenings have we spent playing Monopoly (and secretly stealing money from the bank while a certain someone was busy texting) or Cluedo or Taboo! People say kids nowadays are way too engrossed in video games and/or cell phones. I say, you’re wrong. Well, 3 outta 4 times at least ;)

* The art of bluffing. Be it bluff or poker, I picked up some really handy tricks from ‘the kids’. Like for instance, never ask, “Hey listen, listen…What if a person, has four Jacks?” DURING the game.

* Killing zombies is way more fun with a bunch of people. And that punching random buttons on the controller can help you come up with some pretty awesome combat moves.

* Picking ice-cream based on their colours is actually a pretty awesome idea – and it significantly simplifies the tedious decision making process!

* Collectively hating a football team is way more fun than yelling at your TV alone. I’ve also learnt that 1) If you say “NOOOO!!” with great conviction, your team won’t concede a goal and 2) If Silva touches the ball, Spain won’t score.

* Dancing awkwardly to desi songs you’ve never heard before can be fun if you have the right people (and enough alcohol in your system).

* Orange sheesha is pretty damn neat.

* Costa serves a mean vanilla frappe.

* And no matter where you are or what you’re up to, having a set of people you can call family (and who’s ready to listen to your BS) is indeed, the greatest gift ever.

¹ Boro Bachas in Bengali literally translates to big (w.r.t to age) kids


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