My Top 5 Webcomics [Dork Alert]

“Webcomics?” you ask? Yes, I’m a socially awkward person who loves reading webcomics. There, I’ve said it! Judge me if you will. But tell me, is it so wrong to want to spend weekends in your PJs, reading webcomics and having ice-cream instead of going out and socialising? I kid. I kid. I only read webcomics at work. Haha. Right, back to the list… here are my favourites (in no particular order) :

Fredo and Pid’jin

PhD Comics

The Oatmeal


Cyanide & Happiness

Questionable Content




OK, so that was six – I couldn’t stick to just five. Then there are others: Fried Babies, Penny Arcade, Between Failures, SMBC and I don’t know if Hyperbole and a Half counts as a ‘webcomic’ but it’s my favourite place on the Internet (after Reddit, of course). If you liked any of the webcomics and would like to read more, there’s a whole list here.


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