Things I should do more often

Spending more time ‘doing’: It’s all well to plan things but at some point you actually need to start ‘implementing’ said plans. I don’t travel enough, write enough, read enough, bake enough… the list is virtually endless. But I have immaculately planned everything out – reading lists, bucket lists, what not. I really need to pick up that book and start reading already!

Taking risks: “Sush, you sure do over-think things.” A friend once told me – OK, so he’s told me this more than just once. I can’t help it, I’m just wired that way. Every vacation, every weekend – I have to plan (or at least have a vague idea of) what exactly I’ll be doing. I can’t seem to function otherwise. However, I think I’m slowly learning to let go. It’s a little hard and I need to constantly remind myself, but winging it once in a while is fun too. Case in point, my recent trip to Dam. Didn’t have an agenda or a fixed itinerary – but ended up having the time of my life! (I guess it was also partly because it’s Amsterdam, you know.) But of course, this doesn’t mean I’m planning to quit my job by the end of this week and travelling all over the world until I’ve run out of cash. Well, on second thoughts…

Dancing: I have this crazy habit (and I hope I’m not the only one) where I crank up random songs on my iPod and dance around like a maniac in my room. Well, it’s not really ‘dancing’ so much as jumping around like a lunatic. You know the thing Christina (Grey’s Anatomy) does? Imagine that but more dorky!

Enjoying the little things: Like walking Rusty, unwinding with a good book, catching up with friends… Although I do these things pretty frequently, I’ve noticed that my mind’s preoccupied most of the time. I’ve either  got work on the back of my mind or something else. It’s time I started really living in these moments.

Liking Muscat for what it is: It’s easy to ‘not like’ this place. There’s only so much you can do and see… only so many people you can hang out with… But I’m going to try and stop dwelling on the negatives and start focusing on the ‘fun’ side of Muscat – as soon as I discover what exactly it is :)

Anyway, to end things on a happy note, here’s a pic of Rusty doing what he does best – looking cute!




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