You know those lazy Thursday afternoons when you don’t feel like doing anything at all? No? Nothing? Really? Alright, I’ll just tell you then. It’s too hot to go outside, you’re sick of reading… all you want to do is veg-out… And today happens to be just one of those days. Usually, I do randomly idiotic stuff… things that I’m too chicken to otherwise admit. If you’re curious (if not, just skip this blog post and try your luck some other time) here are some ridiculously stupid ways how I kill time:

– Delete people from my friends’ list on Facebook. Yep! In fact, the number of friends on my list is inversely proportional to how much free time I have. People with whom I haven’t spoken to over two years: Delete. People I know I’ll never meet again: Delete. People I’d like to completely erase from my memory: Delete. Show no mercy : )

– Organise my iTunes library: Like, categorizing my music according to genre. Missing album cover? Add that. Wrongly spelt song titles/artist names? Fix that too. As mundane as it sounds, I love it. Apart from all the fun that comes from organising things (yes, you indeed read that right), I get to re-discover the ‘lost’ tracks and sometimes come across music I don’t even remember having.

– Reddit: The sole reason why I have no friends or social life. But hey, I got Karma.

– Check airfares to random destinations. Sometimes I plan out vacations in my head. Puerto Vallarta, Cape Verde, Samos… you get the idea. I’ll check airfares, places to see, things to do… and then just leave it at that.

–  Watch tutorial videos on YouTube. Ok, I’ll be a little more honest here, I mainly watch make-up tutorials. Nail art tutorials, date-night eye makeup tutorials, Anime inspired girls’ night-out look tutorial, double your underwear as a scrunchie tutorial… It’s all very fascinating!

So there you have it. Just a few ways I kill time, when I’m not in the mood to do anything else. Many a precious weekends have been spent doing ‘nothing’. When I step into the office, first day of the week people usually ask how my weekend was. I just shrug and say, “Pretty uneventful!” Now you know what I mean : )


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