Day 2: Something I Feel Strongly About

Right. I wish there was just ‘one’ thing I felt strongly about. But there isn’t. So here goes… (expect a rant-y post) ;)

1. Gender Stereotypes: Before I begin my rant, I want to stress on the fact that I’m talking about ‘gender’ in general… not only women. There are crippling stereotypes on both ends on the spectrum. From frivolous ones like, women like pink to subliminally more damaging ones in mainstream media today (thank you MTV) – I simply hate the gender-defined roles we are expected to maintain and follow. She enjoys sports? What a tom-boy. He takes an interest in fashion? Must be gay. She’s extremely career-driven? Must be a cold hearted bitch. He’s a stay at home dad? He isn’t a man. Enough already. Can we all please realise that we are PEOPLE first?

2. Slut shaming/Calling women ‘whores’: Where do I even start with this one!? This particular topic is a subset of the previous one, but I really wanted to address it separately. Why, why, why do we constantly keep judging women based on the number of men they’ve slept with? Sometimes, it doesn’t even need to go that far. We see a girl who’s a little scantily clad and immediately begin judging her, call her a whore, etc. In fact, calling women ‘whores’ makes for a separate blog post itself. Just take a look at these tweets:

tweet 3 tweet 1tweet 2Why is everyone OK with this!? [Side note: Read this and this]

3. Living life on auto-pilot: … And expecting others to live meaningless, consumer-driven lives like yours. AND then judging them when they don’t.

I’m just going to stick with three for now. Don’t want it to turn into a boring, rant :)



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