Daily Prompt: Menagerie

Yes! Yes! Yeeeees! :) Although I’m taking a little time off from blogging, I had to try out today’s Daily Prompt

Right now I just a have batty lil dog, Rusty. But I hope to live in a huge farm one day and own at least 5 :)

Rusty means the world to me. He’s my lil baby and I love him to bits. I mean, have you seen that cute lil face? How can anyone not wanna just grab him and cuddle… Hold on a sec… Need to cuddle him for a bit… ;)

It’s hard trying to take a pic. He just doesn’t sit still:


It’s obvious I’m bribing him with a treat in the next one:


Just two for now…. And one from an old post aka the hungry dog:


And yes, I’m blogging from my phone! Woot!


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