Life before the Internet…

Rekha’s perspective on ‘Life Before the Internet’.

Sweet Somethings

So we were having this random conversation this afternoon, my colleague Sushmita and I  and she came up with the idea that we should debate over something, after our highly successful (so we presume) debate in print recently on the last page of the mag I edit. (The topic was E-books vs tree books). But even after 15 minutes, we were not on different pages… we couldn’t find anything to debate about, which was surprising as I am almost a decade older (Ok, ok, I admit more than a decade older!) than she! (which makes me feel very proud, the ‘on the same page’ part!)

And it’s then we started taking of Reddit, social media and went back in time to the obscure chat site which was ICQ. She was in school then and I was already into some years of my career!

And so the internet it was…our point…

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