Bucket List

  1. Learn Spanish (advanced)
  2. Learn 3 different styles of dance
  3. Visit 50 countries
  4. Make a road trip across the USA
  5. Volunteer in South America
  6. Go skinny dipping
  7. Go scuba diving
  8. Ride a horse
  9. Make video recordings of my loved ones (especially while they are laughing)
  10. Learn cake decoration
  11. Learn how to play 5 of my favourite songs on the guitar
  12. Improve my piano playing skills
  13. Watch Death Note and other Anime
  14. Read at least 10 classics
  15. Watch a Cirque du Soleil performance
  16. Spend a weekend (alone) in a luxury hotel
  17. Run my own business
  18. Attend a costume party
  19. Make a mini movie/YouTube vlog
  20. Teach a class
  21. Wear a kimono
  22. Fly first class for a trip longer than 4 hours
  23. Surprise myself
  24. Learn how to cook a few Korean dishes
  25. Go white-water rafting
  26. Go on a cruise
  27. Fly a kite
  28. Obtain a second Master’s degree
  29. Learn to rollerblade
  30. Stay at a Castle
  31. Spend a silent weekend – no TV or internet or conversation
  32. Take up Tai Chi
  33. Try surfing
  34. Own one fabulous designer outfit
  35. Learn how to style hair/get the perfect blowout
  36. Memorize 5 poems
  37. Maintain a book of inspiring quotes & poems
  38. Crush grapes with my bare feet
  39. Take a panoramic photograph of the lake from Windermere
  40. Attend Durga Pujo in Kolkata
  41. Camp at Ladakh & Leh
  42. Live in Rome for a month
  43. Pay someone a surprise visit in another country
  44. Spend a weekend/week/month on a secluded island
  45. Read 500 books (excluding the 10 classics)
  46. Go outlet shopping in Europe
  47. Watch 500 “non-Hollywood” movies
  48. Learn to do a split
  49. Learn to put together a 4 course meal
  50. Visit 5 different places of worship
  51. Create a ‘work of art’
  52. Own a penthouse in a city I want to live in
  53. Own a holiday home by the sea/lake
  54. Have breakfast in bed
  55. Play hopscotch on a beach
  56. Watch Riverdance/Lord of the Dance
  57. Go backpacking across Europe
  58. Join a book club
  59. Try jet skiing
  60. See the Northern Lights
  61. Stay in the water huts in Bora Bora
  62. Watch a musical in London/NY
  63. Spend New Year’s Eve with my parents
  64. Learn how to knit
  65. Be the first one on the dance floor
  66. Learn to play tennis (average is fine)
  67. Spend New Year’s alone
  68. Live alone for at least a year
  69. Watch 500 “mainstream” movies
  70. Watch a performance at the Opera house in Paris/Milan
  71. Travel solo
  72. Learn how to sing songs in 5 different languages
  73. Learn to do a layup (and reverse layup) – Yes I suck that much!
  74. Take 10 photographs that I’m proud of
  75. Swim in 10 different lakes across the world
  76. Hug a panda and/or koala
  77. Live in a monastery
  78. Watch a sporting event
  79. Visit 5 rainforests
  80. Learn sign language
  81. Attend the Carnival in Venice
  82. Travel all over India
  83. Chop off my hair (bob)
  84. Get hold of the first edition of an old book
  85. Watch a meteor shower
  86. Learn to play the cello
  87. Attend an outdoor music festival
  88. Learn to crotchet Amigurumi
  89. Read the entire Discworld series
  90. Dance with a stranger
  91. Complete the 30-day Baking Challenge
  92. Enjoy dinner under the stars
  93. Try windsurfing
  94. Learn basic Korean
  95. Volunteer on a farm
  96. Follow the P90x/Insanity programme for 6 months
  97. Start a charity
  98. Write a book
  99. Attend a Leonard Cohen concert
  100. Visit 5 ghost towns
  101. Participate in The Nu Project
  102. Maintain a blog regularly for a whole year

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